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Cost Effective Emergency Plan Solutions

As always, safety at work is always on our minds, and with strict government guidelines regarding safety in the workplace, every organisation must have an emergency plan in place. Traditionally, this has taken up valuable time and resources, but should the need arise, being able to evacuate all staff quickly in the event of an emergency is critical. Practice drills are regularly carried out, and typically, the management would have a set procedure for all staff to follow in the event of an emergency, which might include PA announcements, face to face contact and even posters and documents.

Keeping Staff Informed

You might have an emergency evacuation procedure, and in order for that to be implemented, all staff members need to be informed, and with time being of the essence, this must be done in the quickest way possible. Fortunately, digital technology has come to the rescue with the EVA emergency safety app, which is downloaded onto all employees’ smartphones, and once that is in place, you have a direct connection with everyone at the facility. The app is designed to instantly update, and with clear instructions on action to be taken, everyone will know exactly what to do and the implementation can begin.

Mobile Apps

As far as digital marketing in concerned, mobile apps are the ideal way to reach your target group, and with more than 2 billion mobile device users worldwide, the trend is not looking to slow down. While this is perfect for marketing, having a direct connection with a selected group of people allows organisations to communicate emergency safety procedures, and there are app developers who are currently offering a mobile app that is designed specifically for emergency situations at the workplace.


The app is designed to work with multiple locations, which is ideal for large corporations, and location maps and preset text can instantly be sent and because all the employees have downloaded the app and it is running in the background at all times, they will instantly be informed in the event of an emergency. When specific staff members need to take action, the alarm app is the quickest way to communicate, and with a range of tools, the app can be tailored to suit any organisation, big or small.

Alarm Acknowledgement

The great thing about an alarm app is that you know when the message has been viewed, and in the event of a fire, it is critical to know who is aware of the crisis. If a staff member does not respond, you will be able to send someone to their location, which could save lives.

Mobile app development has come an awful long way in the past few years, and with an innovative alarm app, you can ensure that all staff members are notified and they can also access safety data and maps that clearly mark meeting points and emergency exits. If you would like to know more, there are online app developers who are dedicated to providing a safety solution in the workplace.

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